Please note that not all presenters have submitted a video.

Friday, November 5
Meet the Pros Session (7:20 – 7:40pm ET)

The Meaning of Passion
Presented by Dillan Saltsman

Gratitude: Effective Leaders’ #1 Habit
Presented by Tom Cody

Habits of Intentional Leaders
Presented by Dan Irvin

Recharge & Grow Your Leadership Skills
Presented by Sue Iverson

Revitalizing Clubs in the Post-COVID Era
Presented by David Wang

Tips & Strategies When Approached for Letters of Recommendation
Presented by Tara Miller

Saturday, November 6
Workshop Breakout Session 1 (1:10 – 1:40 ET)

Navigating the College Admissions Process
Presented by Calvin Wise

Learning Your Power: Creating a Real Impact with My School Votes
Presented by Yaala Mueller

The Time is Now to Make Your Mark
Presented by Janet Clark & Benjamin Tasker MS

How to Build & Use Your Resume: What do Colleges & Employers Want to See?
Presented by Brent Brenner

Harnessing Game Theory to Become a Winning Leader
Presented by Rommy Sasson

Pen Pal Program as Cross-Cultural Exchange and Service Opportunity
Presented by Wafa Khan

Saturday, November 6
Workshop Breakout Session 2 (1:55 – 2:25pm ET)

It’s Never Too Early to Think About Getting Ready for College
Presented by Calvin Wise

Leadership From the Outside In
Presented by Abigail Thompson

Strength-Based Leadership
Presented by Sarah Iverson

Human 3.0: Change the Game, Change Your Life
Presented by Dr. Michelle McGrath

The College Experience: Take Charge of Your Leadership Development
Presented by Steve Bisese

You Need a Resilient Team – Here’s Why & How to Build One
Presented by Dr. Debi Gilboa

Personality Palooza
Presented by Kaylie Kustron & Alexandra Davis

Saturday, November 6
Workshop Breakout Session 3 (2:40 – 3:10pm ET)

Taking the First Steps: How to Step Up & Lead Change
Presented by Reilly Brooks

Numbers Don’t Matter
Presented by Sandra Lu & Miki Jiang

The Power of 7: Setting Your Table for Success
Presented by Dr. Michelle McGrath

The Power of Time Management
Presented by David Wang

From Stressed to Resilient: How to Handle More & Feel it Less
Presented by Dr. Debi Gilboa

Speak Up & Show Up: No Kid Hungry/NASSP National Initiative
Presented by Kate Riddle

Work2BeWell: Emotional First-Aid Kit & More
Presented by Work2BeWell

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